"Working with SueAnne on an ongoing basis is a pleasure. She is highly motivated and knowledgeable in her field. I always appreciate her input on complex matters due to her ability to separate fact from emotion, and come to the best conclusion as it relates to the business at hand.”  -Timothy Heidemann


Working with SueAnne from United Realty Fox Valley was great. She went above and beyond and really helped me out in numerous ways. It felt as if she was working with me and had my best interest in mind. I would highly recommend United Realty Fox Valley to all my friends. Thanks SueAnne!


Hello SueAnne
Thanks again for your professional service.  I was impressed and will be using your service in the future.
Heidi Jensen


Hi SueAnne,
Just a few words to let you know that your professional and personalized services in finding a buyer and closing the sale for me is greatly appreciated. We had previously used a big name realtor to try to sell but the response was low and the realtor did not put much effort into communicating with me and showed little effort in finding a buyer for us.
Again, thank you very much for your work in getting our property sold at a good price.
Hal Johnson
Northern Alliance Properties LLC


I want to thank SueAnne  for the great effort put into helping market and selling lots at Creeks Terrace. Looking forward to continue working with her. The effort and results have out done any other I have worked with in the past. Thank you.

-Gary Feller Creeks Terrace


"One day I was driving from Texas to Wisconsin and as halfway received an email from SueAnne and she informed me that she had found a house for me,  I had thought that she had forgotten to get me a house and I noticed that she took the time to find the right house that I needed.  Now I feel very happy and satisfied with the house SueAnne found me,  because she did a professional job."
Thanks SueAnne  ! ! 

Oscar Su 


"SueAnne, Thank you so much for taking care of Mary and Bryan with their Condo. They have expressed their pleasure with me about you and your services and are very happy they made the change and listed with you. When I refer a buyer or seller I consider it a reflection of myself. Because of their experience I will be happy to refer additional business your way as it presents itself. Thank you"

(name with-held. Agent from a cooperating brokerage) 


"SueAnne was a pleasure to work with. I would have searched for a home myself, but didn't think I had the time to learn all the legalities that were involved in the paperwork. She was very patient helping me to look at a decent amount of homes before I decided to purchase.  I was pleased with the results and am extremely happy with my new home! Thank you!  -Eric"


"Sue Anne- We both looked at the link together. We think it looks GREAT!!! We love the selection of pictures and the description that you used. It is soooo nice to have more than one picture. We are just really happy with it. Thank you for taking the extra time to work on all this extra stuff. We really feel that it will help sell our condo."

-Mary & Bryan


"Hi SueAnne,  Just a few short comments about your handling of our property listing and pending sale.  We have been extremely satisfied with the work you have done for us in marketing our properties in Neenah at Stanley Court. In the past we had tried several other Real Estate brokers/ companies and did not get as much as a showing much less any prospective buyers.  Since we engaged you we have had several good showings and finally 2 competing buyers for the properties. We have accepted an offer as you know and are awaiting final documents and closing procedures. Thanks again for the efforts you put forth and hope your business prospers. -Hal Johnson"


"We just recently hired Sue Ann to sell a house we had on the market with another Real Estate office.  She was aggressive in her marketing of the property, but more importantly helped us in pricing the property correctly.  That resulted in a sale within a month.  She is knowledgeable, and available.  Two of the most important things I look for in an agent.  -Cindy Vander Zanden."


Thank you SueAnne! In our short time in working together, I have been impressed with many of your traits as a realtor. There are many things that set you apart from your competition and I think the key component you provide is your communication throughout the entire process. Along with your communication, you’re  very professional yet aggressive with buyers and sellers and I think this is why your deals tend to go quicker and smoother than most. We look forward to continued growth together and appreciate all of your hard work along the way!!

Chris Gobin, Vice President 

Nova Title & Closing Services, LLC

Address: 2324 W. Spencer St Appleton, WI 54914

Phone: 920-997-9590 | Fax: 920-997-9596 | Mobile: 920-851-7052

Email: cgobin@nova-title.com Website: www.nova-title.com



Thanks again for your work on our sale. While your sales services were very complete, I believe the video marketing was a winning element in your approach. Also, your fee structure was quite attractive. The time from initial listing to closing was a surprisingly short. Even during the in-contract phase, you successfully ironed out some rough patches for us. Your efforts helped make the Sellers very happy. I’m pleased to refer you to anyone looking for effective, professional real estate sales services.

Best regards,

Dean Roork

System Services Group, LLC"


"Its hard to find honest, sincere and reliable people in any business. And when you're about to buy or sell a home, you need those kind of people. We found it true with SueAnne Heiden. She went that extra mile and added special features to help us when we had a home for sale. It is easy for us to say that she really does care about us and our needs. She added the best professional advice to sell our home

fast! She is the best!"  -Robert & Lucinda 


"I have had the pleasure of working with SueAnne for the past 7/8 years. She is always very informative and helpful on all transactions and keeps me informed of the status of any pending matters that may arise during the process. Her and I have worked on several very complicated files and communication has been fantastic!I would strongly recommend her to assist you in the sale of your home If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me at the number listed below."

 Hollie O'Neil Owner email hollie@myclassictitle.com Classic Title Services LLC 920-783-0318 

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